Team Intrepid's members collectively staff 135 offices nationwide and have been involved in crafting well over half of the Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) in America.

We are the only group in the nation offering such expert ESOP services by the leading professionals in all of the areas listed below on a turnkey basis:

• Accounting
• Administration
• Benefits
• Communications & Participation
• Executive Compensation
• Feasibility & Design
• Financing
• Incentive Plans
• Insurance
• Investment Banking
• Legal
• Open Book Management
• Reinvestment Services
• Risk Management
• Software
• 1042 Rollover
• Taxation
• Training
• Trustee & Fiduciary Services
• Valuation

About The Intrepid Equity Group

The Intrepid Equity Group LLC is in the business of providing a turnkey Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and Open Book Management solution to business owners, shareholders, management and/or employees, complete with all necessary financing. We have the capability to buy companies outright and sell them to those companies' management and employees utilizing ESOPs and Open Book Management or to partner with employees and management as an alternative to a sale to an outside party. Finally, the company and its highly credentialed team members are also dedicated to providing all resources and services necessary to enable selected clients who are owners and/or shareholders to sell their companies, in whole or in part, in the most tax advantaged manner possible, to management and employees through ESOPs.

The Intrepid Equity Group LLC was created for the express purpose of bringing together and coordinating, for the first time in history, a Team consisting of the leading relevant ESOP and Open Book Management experts in the nation in such a way as to optimize what can be enormous benefits to the client company in the most cost-effective and productive manner possible. Having accomplished this, we are proud to say that our Team has been involved with creating more than half of all ESOP’s existing in America today.

The Intrepid Equity Group LLC subscribes to the firm belief that corporate culture and employee and community benefits and incentives are just as important to a successful transaction, if not more so, as deal structure and other financial considerations. This conviction is based upon the sound knowledge that the ESOP in linkage with effectively implemented Open Book Management is the best tool available to create greater employee productivity with the lowest conceivable turnover and highest possible morale while providing the very best incentive-oriented retirement benefits available under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

Our Team approach to ESOP design, financing and implementation enables us to structure every transaction we enter into with the goal of creating the very best company possible for management and employees with the highest possible returns for owners or shareholders including, potentially, minimizing or eliminating entirely, all income taxes on ownership divestiture and post transaction earnings and profits.

Navigating the maze of a state-of-the-art ESOP transaction with maximum tax benefit, optimal financial structure, and properly implemented Open Book Management can be a daunting task, among the most complicated and multi-disciplined in the market today. Traditional law firms and accounting firms, even those with some expertise and experience in the fields of employee benefits and ERISA in general, and ESOPs in particular, are in no position to begin to provide a competing level of service. Our role is to successfully guide our clients through this process by focusing the most competent and diverse expertise and experience available in the nation on every relevant facet of our transactions at the appropriate time and in the most efficient manner in order to minimize the time and expense and maximize the value to ourselves and our selected clients.

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