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Clifton Cline - IT Manager

Born 1976 in Kentucky into a preacher's family, Clifton spent his early years in various parts of the midwest until the family settled in their home state of Oklahoma. Like many kids of his generation, an Atari video game system found it's way into his home, and his fate was sealed when he came across a Tandy TRS-80 with a book on the BASIC programming language. 14 hours later, he'd finished reading and exercising the book, and was left as a ten-year-old boy who knew what he'd be doing with his life.

After receiving an Associate's Degree in Computer Systems Technology from Oklahoma State University, Clifton immediately went to work for a software solutions developer and began working in SGML and XML data management. Much of his work involved creating an environment for editing, tracking and distributing the aircraft maintenance documentation for major airlines.

As an independent contractor, Clifton has focused on custom software development.
As a software engineer and systems analyst, he found a talent for creating solutions to "unsolvable" architecture issues. Whether designing an automated data processing server or a proprietary user interface, Clifton enjoys finding ways to fulfill clients' business requirements by combining standardized technology with custom software.

Currently Clifton resides in Tulsa and enjoys playing guitar at his church, fishing, keeping in touch with friends in the electronic entertainment industry, and working on a startup company providing web-surfing and gaming terminals to the public in high-traffic areas.

Clifton Cline
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