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Larry H. Spivey - Chief Executive Officer

Larry Spivey, now almost one third the age of the nation, is a resident of Broken Arrow, a suburb of Tulsa, OK, where he has lived for the past nineteen years. Mr. Spivey grew up abroad in Athens, Greece and Izmir, Turkey where his family resided from 1931 through 1969. His father was in the tobacco business and the family returned to their ancestral home in North Augusta, S.C. every year, initially, and every other year in later years visiting many countries in the Mediterranean and elsewhere, including a summer in Geneva, Switzerland and almost a year spent in Kenya when he was fourteen. He made over a dozen trans-Atlantic crossings by ship and was privately tutored during this time through The Calvert School.

Mr. Spivey attended Georgia Military College prior to entering the United States Navy. His navy service took him throughout the Pacific and included assignments to Southeast Asia, and to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis. After completing his military service and numerous additional college courses through USAFI while at sea Mr. Spivey completed his last year of education through the GI Bill. Thereupon he entered the construction field with a degree in civil engineering, becoming an estimator with the venerable, fifty year old S.S. Jacobs Company, in Jacksonville, Florida, rising to Project Manager, marketing manager, and ultimately to Executive Vice President at age 27, with responsibility for 458 employees and projects in eight states. He then formed his own general contracting company, (Commercial Industrial Enterprises, Inc.) in Georgia, which he later sold. He and a partner then entered the real estate development field, specializing in the development and construction of shopping centers, office parks and condominiums, for their own account in Atlanta and throughout Georgia.

Subsequently, in the mid-seventies, as a result of his aviation holdings, Mr. Spivey was recruited as a narcotics agent for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. He led numerous major international investigations, involving 18 homicides, which took him to Mexico and several countries in Central and South America in an undercover capacity. He was responsible for developing information which led to the seizure of more than a half a billion dollars worth of drugs. The United States Congress subsequently referred to Mr. Spivey as “the No.1 narcotics agent in the country.” He has been called the most successful narcotics agent in law enforcement history.

Following his service with the GBI, Mr. Spivey spent several years living in New York where he was involved in saving Radio City Music Hall from demolition. He helped to create and pass new legislation to facilitate better enforcement against drug smugglers, testifying before Congress as the leading expert in support of such legislation while working closely with the Carter White House, the Justice Department, the Treasury Department, the State Department and the Office of Drug Abuse Law Enforcement (ODALE). He was also instrumental in helping to conceive and negotiate the most current international narcotics (and other) enforcement treaties. Mr. Spivey was the subject of a book titled, The Spivey Assignment, by Philip Rosenberg (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1979) detailing his activities as an undercover narcotics agent. The book was a modest bestseller in the U.S., becoming both a Literary Guild and Book of The Month Club selection, and was ultimately published domestically in paperback and in over a dozen languages abroad. The film rights were acquired by David Susskind Productions immediately before Mr. Susskind’s untimely death, resulting in a subsequent reversion of those rights after five years.

Mr. Spivey went on to enjoy a ten-year career as an award-winning television and film producer while living in New York and Los Angeles. He also worked closely with the highest leadership levels of the National Security Council (NSC), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the State Department and the intelligence community for the Reagan White House concerning numerous sensitive international and domestic issues. Some of his activities while doing so are detailed in The Iran Contra Report by Congress and are referenced in over thirty books about the Reagan Administration and Oliver North, including the bestseller, GUTS AND GLORY, The Rise and Fall of Oliver North, authored by Ben Bradley, Jr. It should be pointed out that Mr. Spivey, preferring to stay out of the press whenever possible, declined to be interviewed by book writers or others concerning any of the above affairs of government (excluding The Spivey Assignment), except occasionally on “deep background,” by carefully chosen reporters and their national editors, purely for purposes of historical accuracy. Mr. Spivey has served as an advisor to and has briefed three presidents of the United States and numerous cabinet members.

In a high profile acquisition during the late eighties involving Peter Ueberroth, Mr. Spivey, with the help of his friend and mentor, Louis Kelso, who created the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), structured and arranged all financing for a transaction to acquire Eastern Airlines. As a result, he first became interested in airlines and the concept of employee ownership through an ESOP as a viable tool to save Eastern Airlines from Frank Lorenzo. Subsequently, as a result of his fascination with Louis Kelso’s philosophy and the ESOP, Mr. Spivey created and patented the “COMMODITY FUNDED PROCESS AND MECHANISM FOR IMPLEMENTING AN EMPLOYEE STOCK OWNERSHIP PLAN,” Patent # 6,571,219 B1, which enables a qualifying company to raise the required financing utilizing commodity purchases to support an ESOP buyout with AAA rated equity as opposed to debt. From start to finish the above patent process required twelve years of unrelenting effort and the investment of several million dollars before the patent, assigned to Intrepid Holding Corporation, which owns half of Intrepid Equity Group, LLC, was issued, following a name change to “COMPUTER-IMPLEMENTED PROCESS AND MECHANISM FOR IMPLEMENTING AN EMPLOYEE STOCK OWNERSHIP PLAN,” on May 27th of 2003.  This paved the way for Mr. Spivey to apply for and also assign to Intrepid Holding Corporation another more important and far more valuable patent, “COMPUTER-IMPLEMENTED PROCESS AND MECHANISM FOR IMPLEMENTING AN EMPLOYEE STOCK OWNERSHIP PLAN,” Patent # 7,590,580, issued as of September the 15th of 2009 and which covers additional unique financing structures developed by Mr. Spivey to enhance a company’s profitability through innovations related to ESOP ownership.   This patent is the result of a continuing in part application, which can be easily amended to include any unique on-going improvements and innovations as they are developed in the future.  Mr. Spivey is the only inventor and financial engineer in history to successfully patent an ESOP structure.

Mr. Spivey is the Chief Executive Officer of The Intrepid Equity Group, LLC headquartered in Lake Wales, Florida, with offices also located in New York, Atlanta, Newport Beach, CA and Tulsa, OK.
Intrepid Equity Group is in the business of buying companies and selling them to management and employees utilizing ESOPs and Open Book Management. The company and its highly credentialed team members are also dedicated to providing on a turnkey basis, all resources and services necessary to enable selected clients who are owners and/or shareholders to sell their companies, in whole or in part, in the most tax-advantaged manner possible, to management and/or employees through or utilizing ESOPs. This turnkey service includes, when required, the arranging or providing of all debt and/or equity financing.

His many years of working at very high levels in construction and real estate financing, narcotics enforcement, the entertainment industry, legislation and the White House have afforded him numerous contacts and experiences, which have proven tremendously useful for merger and acquisition (M&A) endeavors. Mr. Spivey, over the years became exceedingly adept at both assembling professional teams and creating the necessary financing to support their activities.

Fundamental to Mr. Spivey’s approach to business are his diverse life experiences, beginning with a multi-cultural and multi-lingual background as an adolescent, enhanced by six years of military training and experience whereby he learned to fully appreciate the true values of discipline, highly focused specialization and above all, teamwork. His later experiences in staffing and financing myriad projects, which demanded imagination, vision and specialization in high profile and intensely time-sensitive planning and execution - such as construction, law enforcement, civic activities, the entertainment industry, government affairs, corporate structure and finance have re-enforced the values of team quality and unity. The ability to be fluidly flexible and responsive while focusing the most qualified available expertise and diversity of knowledge on the task at hand has been the hallmark of Mr. Spivey’s life both as a businessman and as a proud citizen and servant of the United States.

Larry H. Spivey
ESOP Association
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