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Paragon Pension Services, Inc.


Carla Neal Klingler is the founder and President of the pension administration and consulting firm, Paragon Pension Services, Inc.  For more than 20 years, she has been a leader in developing and providing services in plan design, implementation, communications, accounting, and administration for all types of retirement plans, specializing in ESOPs, 401(k), Profit Sharing, and Money Purchase Pension plans. 

 Carla began her pension career in 1980 at Menke & Associates, Inc. where she served as V.P. Administration, first in San Francisco and later in Atlanta.  Throughout  her career, she has been directly involved in the installation, design, and administration of over 2000 ESOPs.  In addition to her broad technical expertise in the administration and regulatory aspects of pension plans, her experience includes the development of numerous systems and procedures to effectively aid clients of all sizes in the practical aspects of their plan operations, legal compliance, and accounting procedures.

 Carla Neal Klingler received her Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance from University of California, Santa Barbara.  She is an active member of the National ESOP Association, New South Chapter ESOP Association, and the NCEO.  She currently serves as an active member of the National Administration Advisory Committee of the ESOP Association and frequently authors articles on ESOPs for various trade publications and newsletters. 

Responsibilities as a member of the national committee include active lobbying for the interests of companies with Employee Ownership, interpreting the practical applications of new laws, updating operational procedures, peer reviews, and distribution of Administration training manuals as well as organizing programs and speaking at national, regional, and local conferences on administrative and legal issues.

Some of Carla’s personal interests include traveling with her family, biking, writing music, and performing in a Handbell choir.

Paragon Pension Services, Inc.

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